Thursday, June 19, 2014


Our lovely new house came with a fire pit. 
We had been wanting to build a firepit in Alaska for years, so this was perfect. 
However, we didn't have any firewood. 
What do the Nobles do when in need of firewood?  Fire up the chainsaw, of course!

Ohio suffered a very hard winter this past season and there were a couple big branches on some of our trees that just didn't make it. Our firewood was waiting; we just had to chop it down. 

This kind of yard work requires work boots.
And safety glasses.
I kind of love that my kids have their own safety glasses.


While Frank was in the trees, looking for a good place to make his cuts, Frankie set up the "construction zone" (I moved the chainsaws).
Why use one when you can use two?
Apparently, our mid-range chainsaw was in the shop...

Frank made pretty quick work of cutting down the dead branches and then we hauled everything out onto the lawn and started cutting it up into smaller pieces.
The kids were in charge of the sticks and stacking.
We only had to tell them to get back to work and stop standing still about 1739 times.
No big deal.

I read the coolest quote the Henry Ford said awhile ago and it has stuck with me for a long time.

"Chop your own wood and warm yourself twice".
I just love that.

It's true because getting firewood is hard, hot work.

Frank split all the rounds and we stacked them up.

After lunch, we helped the kids drag all our plastic chairs up the hill and wash them.
Frank and I sat on the porch and tried not to be involved....

It took them over an hour to wash these.


Then a couple neighborhood kids came by and they all carried them down the hill again.

Finally it was time for the bonfire part of all this work!


We had marshmallows and sticks and sticky, happy kids.

When the sun finally went down the fireflies came out.
Since the kids were all hopped up on 'smores, they ran around, catching them,
naming every single one Blink or Blinky or Blinkster;
you get the picture...


Firewood is awesome.


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