Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bike Rides.

I love family bike rides.  A lot. 
They make me so happy. 

They are one of my most favorite things to do together. 

Frank and Frankie usually ride together, super fast, way out ahead. 

Grace and I bring up the rear. 

She just talks and talks and talks and talks...... 
I have nothing else to do, so I can patiently listen to her endless thoughts about everything and nothing and it's lovely. 

Sometimes Frank hangs back to check on us slow pokes and to help when we have a massive head wind.....

Saturday, May 24, 2014

New House: Almost One Month In....

It's hard to believe we are already (almost!) one month into living in our new house.  

It feels so much like home.  We all fit so good in this house.

We still don't have a couch.
It's coming in three more days.
It will be lovely to have a couch again.
Dear Couch, I miss you.

I get asked a lot, "How are the children???"
The short answer is: they are great.
They have adjusted so beautifully.
Expect the humidity.  They do not like or understand the humidity.
Grace will say, "Mommy, it's SOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!" and look at me, confused.  
I have to force myself from laughing because it's only May.
Oh Sweet Girl, you have no idea what's coming.  

The street we live on now is a single street on a cul-de-sac, 
nestled between two corn fields.
Truly, it's a little unreal to describe. 

On our side of the street, there are a lot trees and a creek that borders farm land; 
outside of the occasional rooster crowing, 
you'd never know there is farm beyond the trees.

On the opposite of the street, the land is cleared and you can see the rolling fields.  
Only the people living here are coming down this street. 

There are children on bikes and scooters and crazy big wheels all over.  
They all seem to be around the same age and get along pretty good.

Grace is thrilled to have so many girls to play with 
and Frankie can ride his bike and drive his remote control car until I call him in for dinner.

I am really looking forward to summer schedule.  
Homework and studying for spelling tests and showers and bedtimes 
are really bringing us down.  

Last night, several of the children slept in a tent in one of the neighbors backyards.  
The adults sat around the fire for hours and the kids ran around like crazy people.
Grace, of course, brought her clock and informed everyone of the time and 
shouldn't they all go to bed now???!!  
It was hard for her to believe she wouldn't be needing her library book.  
Frankie finally fell asleep with marshmallow and chocolate streaked on his face, happy.

I miss Alaska.  I left something there. 
Alaska felt like home to me.
But Ohio is good.  It's very good for us.
I am beyond grateful to be here and find this place where we fit. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Family, happy life.

I can't believe I didn't post this picture from our trip.

Frank took this selfie us on our first driving day of our trip.

He is able to take the best pictures of us.  
Long arms, I guess.  

Anyway,  I love it.
We were loving the sunshine and felt so happy.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Very BIG Day.

Today we get the keys to our new house.

The house with this kitchen......


I'm not expecting a Mother's Day present.


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