Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Made It!

Well, so much for my plans of chronicling our journey down the coast and across the country....

Basically, it went like this:
We travelled down the California coast, 
saw the Redwoods (AMAZING!), 
stopped over in Ventura, CA for two days 
(had perfect fish tacos TWICE)
and took a hard left.

Six days of driving and 37 Cracker Barrels later, 
we rolled into Ohio.

By the time we got to Ventura, Frank and I were in need of a kid-free break. 
I mean, we were STILL ONLY in California and we were discussing alternate kid shipping plans.

Luckily, Frank's parents were also there for a job.  
We left the kids and went in search of fuel for the truck and tasty tacos/beers for us.
I don't know if it was the sunshine, the proximity to the beach (taco shop was on the pier), the booze or the fact that I WASN'T listening to a combination of an off key rendition of Let It Go and she's-touching/looking-me, but that was a pretty nice way to spend the afternoon.  
By the time we had finished, I almost wished they were with us.

We stayed one extra day there.  
It was lovely to relax and have a day off of driving.
We got tasty coffee, 
went out to breakfast at a greasy spoon Frank and I had found three RV's and no-kids-ago and 
I loaded up at the store.

After we left California, we hit 
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, 
Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, 
Kentucky and finally Ohio.

Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were just places to park.  
Nothing good, nothing bad.

Oklahoma had a lovely park that makes its hard money in the summer.
It would be every kid's dream summer camp.
Unfortunately, everything was closed.  It was like showing up at the State Fair one day late.  
But it was still beautiful, right on the river, spring was whispering everywhere.  
It poured rain all night long.  Crazy rain.
We stayed in Memphis, Tennessee.  Right by Graceland.  This was not a good part of town.  
When we are on the road, I make salad for dinner a lot.  
It's easy, relatively quick, minimal dishes 
and a good choice for when you've spent your day holding down the seat of the truck.  
Anyway, Frank wasn't interested in salad when Memphis BBQ was to be had.  

The park we stayed in had a deal set up with a close BBQ restaurant 
that would come and pick you for at your site (for free) in a pink limo.  
The kids were pretty darn excited about that.  
Grace was beyond thrilled.  

I tried not to think about the state of the velour seats.... 
The food was good, everybody was happy.  

Kentucky was another just fine park.  Nothing exciting.  Our last stop.

The weather was teetering on falling apart.  
We spent lots of time watching the radar.  
Fortunately Frank had timed out the whole trip perfectly.  
He wanted to drive in the rain for the last day.  
On our last RV trip this past fall, we discovered a leak in the main slide of the coach.  
We took it in to be fixed but had not had a way to test it.  It was ideal to drive in the rain when we'd be able to have the slide out afterward in case it leaked again so everything could be dried properly. 

We only had a few hours to drive from Kentucky to Ohio, 
but as soon as we hit the road, it rained until we pulled into the driveway where we'd be staying.  
As you'd suspect, the leak was still with us. So, our plan worked out well, 
even though we are still faced with a leaky slide...

So now we are here. 
In Ohio.


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