Monday, March 10, 2014


Moving. That one word can mean so much. Moving forward, moving on, moving out, moving up....  

However you look at it, we are moving. 
After six years in Alaska, we are leaving. Frank's job has us moving to Ohio. 
We are excited for all the new opportunities this will bring us. 

We have been working for months to finish all the renovation projects on our house. 
The house is finally finished and beautiful.  I am so very grateful to have lived there. 

These two have been so great, almost helpful!  :) 
They have great attitudes and are excited for something new. 
Tomorrow the movers come and will spend three days packing up our lives. 
We do not have a new house yet so we will be moving into our RV in the meantime and driving cross country from OR to OH. 

I hope to post our progress here along the way!  

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