Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Movers, Day Two.

Today was day two.
Of three.
That means we are two thirds done...

Lots of progress today.

First, I want to say that the company we are using is AWESOME.
The Moving Man is a local Anchorage company.  Martin, the owner, is just a normal person, not a salesman or a Suit.  He's very easy going and believes in his and his crew's ability to get the job done right.  On that note, his "crew" are NOT a bunch of "moving thugs".  They are very polite and respectful men, who greet me (and the kids!) in the morning and seek me out to say goodbye when they leave.  They have been very careful with my home (taking their shoes off when they come inside, meticulously wrapping EVERYTHING) and generally treating all of our processions as though each one was important.  
{No one paid me to say that, I am just really happy with them and thought I'd put it out there...}

Moving on.

First thing this morning,
they started loading this truck.  Yowza.

The kids and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the movers donuts this morning.
So we did.

By lunch time, lots of things were staged and ready to be loaded.
Tomorrow we have to drop the Subaru off to get shipped, 
so TODAY we took it in for a fresh wash and wax.  
For the rest of our time in Alaska,
we'll be sporting the minivan.

Hank is super happy.

On the way back up the hill, we stopped for fuel.
Very tasty fuel.

The rest of the afternoon, went pretty quick.
While I waited for rooms to be emptied so I could clean them,
I would sit on the living room floor and look at my view.
Slightly altered from normal... 

Tomorrow will be the last day.
Yet another bittersweet moment.

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