Monday, March 24, 2014

AK to OH. Day 1

Today was the first real day of driving. 
It was perfectly sunny and cool. The sun kept my toes warm in my flip flops. 

Hank is doing great riding in the RV. 
We are so much more popular at rest areas. 
Everyone wants to meet the Newfoundland!  
Hank is only too happy to oblige. 

The kids are doing great, taking hank for walks, 
helping in ways they just didn't or couldn't in the past. 

The trees are all blooming and are amazingly beautiful. 
There are random patches of yellow and white daffodils everywhere. 
Grace keeps begging us to pull over so we can pick some. 

We are in Hiouchi, California tonight.
The park is lovely. 
Lots of green grass for the kids and dog to run around on. 
The weather is perfect. 
We ate outside!!

Here's Frank using the outdoor microwave....

Tomorrow we are seeing the Redwoods. So excited!!

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