Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Been a YEAR! And our Newfoundland Dog.

Wow!  A year (almost) has gone by.  How is that possible?
I'm feeling more inspired to get my act together.  
Maybe it's finally going to happen this time....

To start off:

Please meet our dog, 
H a n k.
(taken last year when he was a puppy)

He is a hairy, brown and white Newfoundland.
And we love him.
So much.

This is him now.
(well, in the fall, actually...)

This is his most favorite spot in the whole house.
He weighs about 120lbs but is convinced he's a lap dog.
He is happiest when we are all together, 
in the same room so he can keep his eye on us all.  


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