Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Long Time.

When I opened up this blog this morning, I realized how long it's been since I last posted anything.  It used to be that I would love to look back through here as a kind of an "online journal".  It's been so easy to use Facebook to show off my cute kids and random things they say or things we are doing.  But I'm missing keeping up here as well.

So, here we go!

It's Spring Break this week and I'm loving it.  
Not making lunch at breakfast time is awesome!
I've really enjoying having the kids home.  
We are keeping our days easy, without too much planned.  
This allows for us to have lazy mornings and plenty of play time.  
Frank has been able to work from home this week.  
It's always wonderful to have him around with us.  

  Grace in the sunshine.

The weather has been typical for March, super random.  
It was warm (40-ish degrees) and sunny and lovely at the beginning, 
then it snowed seven inches.
Then the sun came out the next day to help melt things off.  
This morning it was TEN DEGREES.

The kid's Grandpa came in yesterday and delivered early birthday presents: Big Kid Bikes!
Thank you, Grandpa!!

Here's Frankie with his.

We found a patch of dry concrete and he took off!

Even though I am ready to say goodbye to the snow for now, I still think it's so beautiful when the sky is blue and all the trees are piled with thick, white snow.  
I love Alaska.

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