Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School and New Chapters.

Here we are again. Back at a new year.

Here is my BIG seconder grader!
She was so excited to go to school.

This year, she is taking the bus to school every morning.  
If I would have known how peaceful taking the darn BUS would have made our mornings, I would have started a long time ago.  She is completely motivated to get up and do all her morning "things" with hardly any prompting from me.  AND we have left over time.  Everyday.  Now, I'm not completely deluding myself into thinking this is how it will be all year long, but for now, it is great!!

This is my Frankie boy.
But he is also my Frankie, who goes to kindergarten.  
All.  Day. Long.
He loves it, so happy to go.
I love it too.

But that first day, I was a basket case.

I mean, I had to actually get in my car and DRIVE AWAY, without him.  
For five years, he's been my constant sidekick, train whistles and all.
Driving in the car was SO quiet.  Me: crying.
Lunch at home, quiet.  Me: crying.
Checking his room and seeing Hot Wheels lying around the empty room.  Me: crying.
Talking to Frank (who was on the other side of the country): SOBBING.  slightly ridiculous at that point...

Finally, finally, finally.... it was 3:30pm and I could go pick them up.

Frankie said his favorite part of the day was when I picked him up.
Me: one last tear and a big squeeze hug.  My sweet, sweet boy.

It's been three days with both of them in school.
The second day, I was fine.  Feeling as though things, life, was how it should be.
Friday, they both took the bus home and LOVED it.

Tuesday they will both take the bus to school.
Our family has had a big change this year. 
We now have two kids who go to school.
These kind of big changes are always bittersweet.
I am proud to have two people who make every one of my days better.


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