Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Happenings.

April has been been a rough month for us.
Everyone but Grace has been battling a cold,
which turned into the flu for Frankie 
and pneumonia for Frank.

Here's Frank and Oscar, holding down the couch.

But we are all on the upswing now, so that's good.
The snow has be melting, slowly but surely.  
Our driveway is all clear and we are just waiting for the lawn to show itself.

I got the kids these great mud bibs this year.
They are as close to them wearing a Ziplock bag as I can get.
They've always had rain pants, but these are really durable.  
They have reinforced knees and booties and even though they get wet, they don't feel wet.
I have literally hosed Frankie off in these things!
I love them.
We had a warm-ish day where the sunshine hit perfectly.
He was having such a great time outside, I suggested a picnic.

We also got all the windows washed.
Frank bought me this great telescoping squeegee/mop head and matching bucket because I REALLY, REALLY don't like getting on the HUGE ladder to wash the big windows.
My man may not do the flowers and jewelry bit, but he is very thoughtful!

We've been walking to pick up Grace from school.
I really love this.
It's about a 20 minute walk each way, but feels so nice to get outside.
Frankie can almost make it the whole way without complaining...
He splashed in every mud puddle on the way.
Here he is having a water break.

Another weekend picnic.
The kids dragged all this stuff out and set this up their "table".

One morning, the kids got up for school early so they had extra time to play.
Frankie has this HUGE Thomas tent.  
They set it up in the living room and filled it with all his Thomas engines.  
Is there a support group for too much Thomas?  
We may need one...

This was taken just a few days ago.
I can see the lawn!
I am raking the little bits as they show themselves.
Makes me feel like I am helping spring come faster.

Tomorrow marks our last two and a half weeks of school
and kindergarten open house for Frankie.

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