Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitty Cat.

The last time I posted was December... Crazy.

Frank got this little Kitty Cat snowmachine from a buddy of his.
It wasn't running so we got it for cheap...
By the next afternoon, it was running and working.
Frankie took to it right away. He loves it.

But the more Frank looked at it while it was apart, the more he saw things that needed to be fixed... So after lots of searching, we basically have all new parts for it.
Including an original owners manual.
Frank is SO excited about that part.
1989 Owner's Manual. Wow.

Anyway, after all the new parts were put on, Frankie took it for a spin again.
He looks so cute driving around the driveway.
Grace wants NO part of it.
That girl is no dare devil...

We have gotten so much snow this year, the berms are as high as I've ever seen them.
Shoveling certainly has gotten interesting...
But it's light when I drop the kids at school, so we are at the VERY beginning of the end.

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