Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY thank you jars.

For the past six weeks, Grace's school has been doing what they call Recreational Reading.
It's a six week long extra program that the kids can voluntarily participate in. We make it fun for them with "prize weeks" and an ice cream party at the end. I helped last year and LOVED it. I was amazed at how excited and motivated ALL the kids were about reading. So much so, that this year I volunteered to head this program.

We had a great group of volunteers helping with this.
They've had to give a couple hours of their Friday afternoons every week and brave snow AND ice storms to get to the school!
I love Alaskan women!!

I wanted to give them something,
to say a little thank you for their time
and commitment to this program!!

I made "thank you" jars.
I used jars that I already had,
spray painted the lids, added a chalkboard label
and filled it with Swedish Fish (our theme is PIRATES!; it sort of went together...).
After I had the jars filled and labeled, I felt like they were missing something.
I wanted to ensure everyone knew the label was actual chalkboard
and meant to be reused, so I tied a piece of chalk onto the jars with some jute string.
I love all these colors together!

I am so pleased with how this came out.
The kids loved them too.
They keep asking me where their thank you jar is!

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