Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Grade and Preschool Pictures.

So here we are, finally.
I've felt so busy recently.
It seems like there are so many other pressing things to do other than to sit in front of the computer and edit pictures.

But as promised, here are their first day of school pictures.
Grace remembered taking them last year and was happy to pose and smile pretty.

Frankie on the other hand wanted NOTHING to do it me and taking pictures.
He wanted to get going and not waste time smiling for the camera.

What's funny is as he was sitting on my lap getting the pictures ready, he wanted to know why he wasn't smiling. And why he looked "like that". After I reminded him of his attitude that morning, he agreed that, yes, smiling for pictures is no fun. Boys.

I will try to do better about posting more regularly.

Seasons are changing. Most of the leaves are down (and my rake is calling my name...), the frost is getting thicker every morning, and there is snow on the mountain tops. Soon our activities will be shifting to spending more time indoors.
After a busy summer, it's always nice to get caught up inside.
Art projects, play-doh, painting...
This is the time of year, I SO wish we could go apple-ing. I would love to take the kids to an apple farm, pick bushels of apples, eat mile-high slices of apple pie and come home with some freshly pressed apple cider. I can just see Frankie sitting under an apple tree with an apple he picked himself, biting into it with the sweet juices dripping off his chin. Happiness, I tell you. If you can, go drive to an apple farm. Wear plaid or tweed or a big sweater. Pick apples and be happy with simple things. We would join you if we could!

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