Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun Family Biking.

Today was a great day.

About a month ago, Frank and I decided Frankie was totally ready to take off his training wheels. To the point where they were slowing him down.
He got the hang of it right away.

Then we thought to ourselves, Frankie is four, Grace should totally be doing this.
So we took hers off too.

We (Frank) had to "work" with her a little more, but she finally got it.

We spent some time practicing in parking lots, found a couple incline/declines for practicing uphill pedaling and downhill breaking...


Today, this was my view.

I have been dreaming of this day where we would all go bike riding together.
It was awesome.
The weather was perfect;
we went biking on Campbell Creek Trail.

One last shot of Frankie, resting off trail while he and I waited for Grace and Frank to catch up.

ps. At one point we were riding past a lake. Grace, being Grace, "lost control" of her bike and drove off trail, almost going into the drink. As I was helping her up, I told her I was so glad she didn't drive into the lake. Now, her reply was hilarious. Imagine her, 100% serious. She says, "Yeah, me too. I'm not wearing my swimsuit". I'm still laughing as I type this. Classic Grace.

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  1. Love, love the training wheels picture! And the bike riding one is so classic and so great. What a beautiful memory. Hard to believe your children are growing up this fast!



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