Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicken Update.

I never could have dreamed I would enjoy keeping chickens as much as I do.
They are a delight.
They eat my weeds.
They eat my kitchen scraps/leftovers.
My little lovelies hear me coming,
they know my footsteps.
They get themselves all worked up trying to get to the door first.

I love to sit and watch them.
See all the red around Sally's (the white one) face, that means she's growing up!
AND that means eggs are a coming!
Although my money is on Big Alice
(the black one).

All of the chickens are sounding more chicken-ish,
with cluck-cluck-clucking and less peeping.
I love it!

As lame as it sounds, they totally have a schedule.
They are up early, mess around for a few hours
eating and scratching
and then they all go "upstairs" to the coop to take a nap.

Then more messing around, a little sun nap,
more messing around and then another upstairs nap.

I have noticed that with the light changing up here in Alaska, so is their night time schedule.
Where they used to go to bed around 11-ish, they have now, over the past three nights, pushed themselves up to 10pm.

This beauty is named Nurse Ratched and rightly so.
She runs the show here at the Coop De Noble.
Tonight I watched all the chickens go upstairs for the night
and then this one did two laps around the run,
checked upstairs,
came back to the run for one last look
and then went to bed.

Very interesting these chickens.

I also picked up this little extra.
I couldn't help myself...
Darn you, etsy!

Espcially since Grace has an egg-collecting-outfit picked out,
complete with head scarf...

Seems so wrong for her not to have a basket, right?

Hopefully, just another few short weeks away.


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