Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two Short People and Eight Chickens...

Yep! We finally took the chicken plunge that we've been talking about for the past two summers and bought the chickens.

We have a coop ready outside for them, but for the next four weeks or so, they are living in a giant tote
(for now!) under a brooder light.

(Names, starting at the top, going clockwise:
Nutella, Nurse Ratched, Scramble, Honey, Omelette, Sally, Alice and Beverly.)

We were originally just going to get six.
Frank mentioned to the lady that I had really wanted Araucana chickens (read: the beautiful blue/green egg layers)
and the chicken lady said she thought she still had some.
We got the last two!

Frank knew those were the ones I really wanted,
and he didn't want to put any of the others back,
so he took those too!
All together we have four Rhode Island Reds, one Black Australorp (so pretty), one Delaware and two Aracuanas.

These little ladies are beyond cute.
I love to sit and watch them.
I am amazed that they each have their own personality already.
Nurse Ratched totally runs the show.
No joke. Hence the name.

The kids LOVE them and really enjoy holding them.

i love this shot of Beverly drinking water.
They all dip their heads and then tip up and glug, glug, glug... So cute.

While Frank was at the farm collecting the chickens,
he also grabbed some fresh eggs.
My first experience with farm fresh eggs.
It's like someone turned up the egg flavor a 1000 degrees.
I'm hooked. Just another six months to go...
This was also the first time the the kids ate an egg. Ever.
Yes, ever.
Grace LOVED it.
Frankie ate his and said he loved it,
but I think he had just jumped on the bandwagon of tasty goodness.
We'll see where the true feelings lie come breakfast time...

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