Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Days; I need a tissue.

Tomorrow is the last day of kindergarden for Grace.

I am so emotional about this.
I can't actually label the emotion, but it's overwhelming.

Kindergarden still seems so small, so little, so young.
First grade does not.

Today was the class picnic and as I was looking around at everyone, I got all teared up.
I'm like the Mommy Who Wouldn't Stop Crying!

I am currently taking a break from writing my "thank you" letters to the amazing women we were fortunate enough to have as Grace's first teacher and her equally amazing TA.

How do you accurately express how grateful and deeply appreciative you are to the people who not only care for your child the majority of the day but help teach and mold her into to a promising person?! Are you sensing my emotions?
They are plentiful.

I plan on taking some "last day of school" pictures and posting alongside the "first day of school" pictures so we can all compare (and cry into our coffee cups!) together.

See you tomorrow.

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