Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Boat.

So, in case you don't know,
we sold last year's boat.

Frank and I were tired.
It was just too much.

Too much pressure to use it, too much time to keep it clean, the oversize limations were a drag...
Lame reasons to some, but good ones for us.

This year,
(I'm really hoping this is the last 'New Boat' post for a looooong time)
Frank and Mark decided to split an aluminum boat.
Good idea.

They both are super happy with their purchase
and are working well together as a team.
Good for Frank because it forces him to take the crazy down a notch and good for Mark because it allows him to learn as he goes with a partner.

So far, the boat has been a boys boat only, no girls allowed.
These pictures are from their first trip.
An all night-er.

Both trips offered perfect weather and water.
They had warm (for April!) sunny days and glass flat water.
They got to see porpoises and otters and seals and bald eagles.

As always, it looks like fun.

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