Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grace's Last Day of Kindergarden.

Look how far she's come!

Just hours away from being a first grader!

So proud.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Days; I need a tissue.

Tomorrow is the last day of kindergarden for Grace.

I am so emotional about this.
I can't actually label the emotion, but it's overwhelming.

Kindergarden still seems so small, so little, so young.
First grade does not.

Today was the class picnic and as I was looking around at everyone, I got all teared up.
I'm like the Mommy Who Wouldn't Stop Crying!

I am currently taking a break from writing my "thank you" letters to the amazing women we were fortunate enough to have as Grace's first teacher and her equally amazing TA.

How do you accurately express how grateful and deeply appreciative you are to the people who not only care for your child the majority of the day but help teach and mold her into to a promising person?! Are you sensing my emotions?
They are plentiful.

I plan on taking some "last day of school" pictures and posting alongside the "first day of school" pictures so we can all compare (and cry into our coffee cups!) together.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boating and Whales.

The four of us went out boating for the day.
We dropped the shrimp pots
and messed around for a few hours.

On the way back to the harbor, we saw this beauty.

She was so active,
breeching four times
and slapping her fins on the water.

So amazing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grace is Six. And a Garden Fairy Party.

Shocking, I know.
She wanted a fairy party.

For decorations,
I hung balloons upside down from the ceiling
(read: no $$$ helium necessary. Thank you gravity!).
For the walls,
we made paper napkin flowers from pretty napkins,
and Grace and I cut and colored butterflies.

The party started with all attendee's adorning bright pink glitter fairy wings for the girls and a fairy-catching net for our one boy.

Then the kids colored a cut-out picture of a fairy
which would later be used in our game,
Pin the Fairy on the Flower.

After the fairy was colored,
the kids colored/decorated their own
goody bags and flower pots.

Finally, they made fairy crowns with
pipe cleaners
and flowing ribbons and tole.

(love the bed head. That's after water and a brushing!)

After all the decorating,
we trouped outside to actually plant
the blooming petunias in the new pots.
This turned out to be a much slower process than I expected.
It wasn't a problem,
because they just ran around until it was their turn
at the tub o' dirt.

Things got a little crazy here, so no pictures.

When the pots were planted and water,
we made a visit to the chicks.
The kids LOVED seeing and holding all the chicks.
The chicks didn't.

Eight kids, eight chicks.
The chicks were happy to be left alone in their big blue tote.

Following a quick hand washing by all were,

We also had freckled lemonade
(lemonade with muddled strawberries).
I was surprised all but two liked the strawberries.

More handwashing...

Game time.
We played Pin the Fairy on the Flower
and everyone got a prize.

The other game we played was Musical Toadstools.
I've been grabbing the big sheets of plain cardboard from Costco (you know, the ones that separates the levels of paper towels and TP)
to have around the house for the kids to color on
and thought they would be perfect to use
for homemade toadstools.
I used a big lid as a guide,
cut them out and spray painted them red.
Then I used a big 2" punch
to get white paper circles,
which Grace glued on.

Presto, change-o,

I searched around iTunes until I found
a few fairy-ish songs I liked
and that was our music.
We played the game twice.
The kids really got into it.
And surprisingly, no one minded when they were out.
The winners got a prize.

After the games, came presents.
Lovely, fairy presents.

Then I kicked everybody outside to wait for their parents.
They were all too happy.

No one wanted to leave and I wasn't exhausted.
Win, win.
I basically had the cupcake crumbs to clean up and that was it.
Easy, easy.

Grace was super happy.

I'll spare you the annual
my-baby-is-six-where-has-the-time-gone? routine
and just say,
I love my girl
and I'm so blessed that she's mine.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Boat.

So, in case you don't know,
we sold last year's boat.

Frank and I were tired.
It was just too much.

Too much pressure to use it, too much time to keep it clean, the oversize limations were a drag...
Lame reasons to some, but good ones for us.

This year,
(I'm really hoping this is the last 'New Boat' post for a looooong time)
Frank and Mark decided to split an aluminum boat.
Good idea.

They both are super happy with their purchase
and are working well together as a team.
Good for Frank because it forces him to take the crazy down a notch and good for Mark because it allows him to learn as he goes with a partner.

So far, the boat has been a boys boat only, no girls allowed.
These pictures are from their first trip.
An all night-er.

Both trips offered perfect weather and water.
They had warm (for April!) sunny days and glass flat water.
They got to see porpoises and otters and seals and bald eagles.

As always, it looks like fun.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frankie's Construction Site.

There is a small area off one of the corners of the house that's just dirt.
I really don't have any plans to plant anything there,
so I have no problem letting Frankie take over it.
He has deemed it "his construction site".
He has all his big trucks over there and will play for a long time.
Even longer if I let him use the hose...

Now that the snow is gone, the boots are back.
Love those rough and tough boots.

(this is another one of my brother's Tonka Trucks.
Not bad for 25+ years old)
What's so cool is we SEE these graders all over Anchorage in the winter time!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two Short People and Eight Chickens...

Yep! We finally took the chicken plunge that we've been talking about for the past two summers and bought the chickens.

We have a coop ready outside for them, but for the next four weeks or so, they are living in a giant tote
(for now!) under a brooder light.

(Names, starting at the top, going clockwise:
Nutella, Nurse Ratched, Scramble, Honey, Omelette, Sally, Alice and Beverly.)

We were originally just going to get six.
Frank mentioned to the lady that I had really wanted Araucana chickens (read: the beautiful blue/green egg layers)
and the chicken lady said she thought she still had some.
We got the last two!

Frank knew those were the ones I really wanted,
and he didn't want to put any of the others back,
so he took those too!
All together we have four Rhode Island Reds, one Black Australorp (so pretty), one Delaware and two Aracuanas.

These little ladies are beyond cute.
I love to sit and watch them.
I am amazed that they each have their own personality already.
Nurse Ratched totally runs the show.
No joke. Hence the name.

The kids LOVE them and really enjoy holding them.

i love this shot of Beverly drinking water.
They all dip their heads and then tip up and glug, glug, glug... So cute.

While Frank was at the farm collecting the chickens,
he also grabbed some fresh eggs.
My first experience with farm fresh eggs.
It's like someone turned up the egg flavor a 1000 degrees.
I'm hooked. Just another six months to go...
This was also the first time the the kids ate an egg. Ever.
Yes, ever.
Grace LOVED it.
Frankie ate his and said he loved it,
but I think he had just jumped on the bandwagon of tasty goodness.
We'll see where the true feelings lie come breakfast time...


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