Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seven Weeks and Lessons Learned.

Yesterday, I ran over (with my Suburban) one of Frankie's outside trucks.
In my defense, I was trying avoiding his other dump truck when I smushed it.
This was a grader truck and was my brothers when he was little.
Classic Tonka truck. Metal, even.
Frankie was very sad.
Very sad.
I think this was his favorite one.

I think the lesson of "don't leave your toys in the road" I've been trying to teach for the past three years (!) has finally been learned.
He even went back outside to pick stuff he had forgotten.
I'm hoping Frank can pound this back into shape...

Today is Grace's first sick day.
Seven weeks left of school and she has to stay home today.
Not that she's complaining.
Since today is a preschool day for Frankie Boy, she has the couch and the remote to herself.
I'm pretty sure it's a sinus infection.
A trip to the doctor is in our afternoon future.

This is what our morning looks like.
About six inches so far and it's coming down like crazy.
If it wasn't APRIL, I'd be happy.
But it is April and things were melting...
Ahhh, Alaska.

I am healing and recovery very well.
Breathing through your nose is a lovely thing, isn't it?!
I had a check up yesterday.
I got a pat on the back for doing such excellent cleaning.
I will continue on with the multiple daily cleanings and weekly check ups.
So far, so good.

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