Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Luncheon.

I bought these vintage luncheon plates awhile ago and I've been saving them.
I've been feeling pretty good today (post-nasal surgery) and felt like I was up to making lunch for the kids.
Today seemed like the perfect day for a little extra special-ness.

On the menu, ham slices, circle cheeses, pears and oven toasted rolls.
And of course, milk.

I've recently started putting milk on the table so the kids could pour for themselves.
It reminds me of Mary Poppins, talking to Jane while they are having their tea party on the ceiling,
"You may pour some milk for Michael and yourself".
Love it.
Another small way to add a little extra something to the regular day
I'm able to justify the multitude of white pitchers I have lovingly looking out at me from my cabinets.

I am feeling better everyday.
Monday the stints come out and hopefully I'll be allowed to sleep without being propped up.
The first three days were truly awful, but the pain has ceased to a dull-ish sinus headache and the ever present annoyance of plastic straws in my nose is manageable.
Frank has been wonderful.
A real Mr. Mom, caring in every way for the kids, the house and me.
The other night, right before we went to sleep, I got such a laugh (to myself) out of him thinking out loud about what to make for Grace's lunch in the morning.
That's usually one of the things I think about just as I'm going to bed.

We are all doing well.
Frankie said to me this morning, as we were snuggling on the couch,
"Mommy, I not want you to have anymore surgeries."
I agree, Buddy.
I agree.

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