Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kid Size Oil Cloth Apron.

Grace has been needing a new art smock for school.
The one she has been using is too pitifully small.
So small, she would come home with paint or glue on her dresses.

This started my search for something simple I could make.

I found this great pattern. Very easy to make + simple for Grace to put on.

There are some great features to this apron;
elastic neck (genius!!)
the waist strap fastens with velcro.

I wanted to use oil cloth because of its ease to wipe off.
Even Grace could clean it.
This material was her own choice.
I grabbed it from here.

The apron didn't need lining, so I chose to sew the neck and waist strap on the front of the apron instead of on the back as the instructions suggest.
After seeing the finished product, I thought it needed a little something extra.
So I added the buttons. Also Grace's choice.
We were in the button aisle FOREVER.

This project was a lot of fun.
I included Grace is just about every step, even the sewing part.

She is so excited to take it to school on Monday.

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