Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Butcher Block Table That Frank Built.

I told Frank I wanted a butcher block table made with pipe legs.
So he built me one.

As FABULOUS as I think he is for doing it, he is the first to say just how easy it was.
The first thing we did was ordered the maple from a local counter top store.
Then he picked up the pipe fittings from Lowes.
He threaded all the pipe together, screwed the top to the pipes, added some self adhesive rubber discs to the bottom of the flange/feet to protect the tile and that was it!

I love this table.
I think it is so beautiful and just cool looking.

This table is a multi-function piece for us.
We do homework, art projects, crafting, glueing, painting, sewing, cutting,
oh yeah and eating at this table.
It takes a beating and cleans up beautifully!

I also got new chairs and stools.
Overstock (and my mom's offer to be the middle-man shipper!) got me three ultra cool metal bistro-ish looking stools and four chairs for just over $300! Love it.
These stools are a little too high for adults, but they are perfect for the kids.
Bye, bye annoying booster seats!

I couldn't be happy with my new kitchen set up.

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  1. Wow! Frank rocks! Aren't handy husbands great!! Looks great!



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