Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Butcher Block Table That Frank Built.

I told Frank I wanted a butcher block table made with pipe legs.
So he built me one.

As FABULOUS as I think he is for doing it, he is the first to say just how easy it was.
The first thing we did was ordered the maple from a local counter top store.
Then he picked up the pipe fittings from Lowes.
He threaded all the pipe together, screwed the top to the pipes, added some self adhesive rubber discs to the bottom of the flange/feet to protect the tile and that was it!

I love this table.
I think it is so beautiful and just cool looking.

This table is a multi-function piece for us.
We do homework, art projects, crafting, glueing, painting, sewing, cutting,
oh yeah and eating at this table.
It takes a beating and cleans up beautifully!

I also got new chairs and stools.
Overstock (and my mom's offer to be the middle-man shipper!) got me three ultra cool metal bistro-ish looking stools and four chairs for just over $300! Love it.
These stools are a little too high for adults, but they are perfect for the kids.
Bye, bye annoying booster seats!

I couldn't be happy with my new kitchen set up.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Luncheon.

I bought these vintage luncheon plates awhile ago and I've been saving them.
I've been feeling pretty good today (post-nasal surgery) and felt like I was up to making lunch for the kids.
Today seemed like the perfect day for a little extra special-ness.

On the menu, ham slices, circle cheeses, pears and oven toasted rolls.
And of course, milk.

I've recently started putting milk on the table so the kids could pour for themselves.
It reminds me of Mary Poppins, talking to Jane while they are having their tea party on the ceiling,
"You may pour some milk for Michael and yourself".
Love it.
Another small way to add a little extra something to the regular day
I'm able to justify the multitude of white pitchers I have lovingly looking out at me from my cabinets.

I am feeling better everyday.
Monday the stints come out and hopefully I'll be allowed to sleep without being propped up.
The first three days were truly awful, but the pain has ceased to a dull-ish sinus headache and the ever present annoyance of plastic straws in my nose is manageable.
Frank has been wonderful.
A real Mr. Mom, caring in every way for the kids, the house and me.
The other night, right before we went to sleep, I got such a laugh (to myself) out of him thinking out loud about what to make for Grace's lunch in the morning.
That's usually one of the things I think about just as I'm going to bed.

We are all doing well.
Frankie said to me this morning, as we were snuggling on the couch,
"Mommy, I not want you to have anymore surgeries."
I agree, Buddy.
I agree.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frankie and his BFF, Hiro the train.

This boy.
This boy LOVES trains.
Loves them so much.
After Christmas was over, he started asking for this specific train.
Hiro, the train and his coal car. (they come in a set)
He asked for it, without fail, every night after I finished tucking him in.

He'd say, "Mommy, I need to tell you something.
Pease I have a Hiro the train and his coal car?"
He would go on to assure me he wouldn't need the Christmas tree in the corner or any of the other presents, just Hiro and his coal car.

Finally, Frank caved (after about three months!) and bought the boy his train.
And a peaceful bedtime.
For about a day.
Then... he would tell me at bedtime, that Hiro needed a friend.
More specifically, Hiro needed a Hiro friend.

Sheesh, this kid is good.

So at the tip top of Frankie's birthday wish list is a SECOND Hiro and his coal car.

Kid Size Oil Cloth Apron.

Grace has been needing a new art smock for school.
The one she has been using is too pitifully small.
So small, she would come home with paint or glue on her dresses.

This started my search for something simple I could make.

I found this great pattern. Very easy to make + simple for Grace to put on.

There are some great features to this apron;
elastic neck (genius!!)
the waist strap fastens with velcro.

I wanted to use oil cloth because of its ease to wipe off.
Even Grace could clean it.
This material was her own choice.
I grabbed it from here.

The apron didn't need lining, so I chose to sew the neck and waist strap on the front of the apron instead of on the back as the instructions suggest.
After seeing the finished product, I thought it needed a little something extra.
So I added the buttons. Also Grace's choice.
We were in the button aisle FOREVER.

This project was a lot of fun.
I included Grace is just about every step, even the sewing part.

She is so excited to take it to school on Monday.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sealife Center and Sledding.

We are on spring break right now.
Grace keeps asking me every day, Can she please, please, please go back to school today?

Both the kids are slightly sick.
Grace gets this CRAZY cough when we play outside for too long.

So, we are taking it easy.

We went sledding at one of our local big sled hills.

A big thumbs up from Grace.
She loves this stuff.

A couple weeks ago, we all took the day off (we had to DRAG Grace away from school)
and went to the Sealife Center in Seward.
The weather was lovely.
It's warmer there and almost all of their snow had melted away.

Frankie was running all around the snow-free grass.
Loving it.

I have been feeling really crafty lately.
I've made a couple new pillows for the living room and a super cute art apron for Grace.

I'll have her model it, so I can snap a few pictures for you.
I'm sure she won't mind.

I also finally have a plan for something cool for Frankie boy.
He is super into the letter F, pointing it out everywhere we go
and bringing me little notes with the letter F printed on them.

So he is getting a letter F shirt. I think it will be perfect.

Spring is definitely on it's way.
The days are getting warmer and the cars are becoming more unrecognizable,
disguised by the filth of the road.
Believe it or not, but that's a great sign that spring is coming.

We planted an extra 50 tulip bulbs and 100 other kind of bulbs (I don't remember now!)
all around the yard.
I'm so looking forward to seeing their pretty flower heads poke up from the frozen ground.
There's even a small patch of my driving peaking through the ice!


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