Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Intentions.

So much for good intentions, right?!
I didn't ever load up the snowmachine pictures.
Or any other pictures.
For the whole week!!

I had a project!
I got rid of the rest of the unwanted red walls and brown (didn't even know it was brown!) ceiling.
***cue sigh of relaxed relief.***

We have lived in this house since 2008 and I've wanted to do this painting since then.
Now it is finally done.
And I love it.
Love. It.

If you want to paint something, just do it already!


After the bulk of the work was done and the house semi put back together, I snapped some pictures of my favorite short people in our new, bright living room.

Let me just say, Sherwin-Williams Creme, I love you.

Here they are playing doctor.
This has been the game of choice recently.
Frankie is VERY ill all the time.
He requires multiple X-rays and Nurse Grace is kept busy documenting his chart and meeting his every need.
Needs include but I promise you, are not limited to: apple juice, video games played on a broken system, Nutella toast, (but he would totally just take the jar of Nutella and a spoon) lolly pops, books read, fuzzy blankets, pillows, songs sung and of course, trains.

In other news, this is our new cat, Oscar.

(oh yeah and Mimi Moose)
He is very curious.
And VERY similar to our last cat, Georgia.
We've had him for about three weeks now.
We love him and he loves us.

That's all.
I make no promises as to when I'll post again.
ha ha.

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