Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Weekend.

It's been so long.
So long since I've checked in.

We have been staying busy and I've made a new rule to help us stay focused at night.
Ready, here it is:
'No screens from 5pm-8pm'
Screens apply to TV's, itouches, ipads, computers, + iphones
So far, it's been great.
Homework gets done with plenty of time, dinner isn't procrastinated,
kids are using their imaginations...
And since it's a rule that applies to EVERYONE, the arguments are minimal, if any.
AND you know the mini-Frank (aka, Grace) is loving the possibility of enforcing it upon grown-ups!
It's working for us. And I like it.

What else have we've been doing?
We went snowmaching (at a cabin!) last weekend.
more on that later, maybe tomorrow...
School, ice skating, playdates, story time at the library, CT scans, ENT appointments...
Yes, I've had a stuffy, no breathing, no smelling nose since September.
This happens to me very year when the weather turns cold.
Up until this year, it comes and goes.
But this year, it never went away. Since September.
I finally broke down and went to the ENT to discover I have nasal polyps.
Had my first CT scan (not so bad) which revealed the awful news of serve sinus stuffy-ness.
Basically, I need surgery to clear it all out.
My doctor says ("I can't believe you're living like this"),
I'm going to feel like a whole new person.
I already do.
She gave me some lovely steroids and after about 36 hours, I could breath again.
And smell!
Joy of joys, food is FANTASTIC when you can smell.
I made some pico (so good) and then mixed it into some mashed avocado... heaven.
So, I'm hoping that the "whole new person" part is true.
I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, we are going to start working on our Valentines this weekend.
I had grabbed some cute Valentine-y penciels from the $1 bins at Target (love those!) thinking of doing something with them for Grace's class.

Then I came across this!

Amber Lee over at Giverslog made these up and I think they're going to be perfect!
She has a slew of lovelies over at her site. Go see for yourself!

I've been looking for something simple and BOY for Frankie + I to work on...
I'm still on the hunt.

I'm hoping to put up some more pictures tomorrow.
See you then.

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