Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Lunch Box.

One of Grace's Christmas gifts was a new lunch box.

Why I love it:
All stainless steel
Divided sections
Can be filled with lots of different sizes and shapes

Why Grace loves it:
It came with pink unicorn and heart magnets for the top

Sheesh, that girl is crazy for pink.

We are all doing well here.
Frankie's cough is almost gone.
The kids are back in school and so happy.
Although yesterday morning Grace was complaining a little bit about going.
She said, "All we do is sit and stand up and do work. We never just relaaaaax".
*BIG sigh*
And she feels sooooo sorry for her 5th grade reading buddies.
Apparently, they don't have any toys or fun things to play with in their classroom;
only books.

Life can be so hard.

ps. the lunch with her pasta is from today. Writing this reminded me I forgot to put a fork in with her lunch box! Ahhhh!! Back to school I go.

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