Monday, December 20, 2010

Wanna Eat Lunch With Us?

Ever wonder what eating lunch is like with us?
Well here you go...

The crazies were making their pirate faces. And eating chips.

Today was a good day.
Went to bed with a light snow, very pretty actually.
Woke up with more snow, turning to heavier snow...
We had a lazy morning in pajamas.
Which resulted in an impromptu bath due to full body coloring...
If only we had another 50 or so coloring books around, maybe this wouldn't happen...

Finally bundled and out the door by 12:09pm.
Oh yeah, love this Christmas break schedule!

First stop was the Children's Hospital for a little toy donation.
Then to downtown to try a new place (for us) called the Muffin Man Cafe and Bakery.
Lovely. If you're local, give it a try.
I had the Berry Turkey. (get it? There was cranberry sauce on it.)
However, they roast their own roast beef, so I totally want to go back and try that.
This is where the pirate pictures took place.

Then we walked over to the Captain Cook Hotel to see their amazing gingerbread village.
This year it's modeled after Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol.
The details blow my mind.
Icing and chocolate, people!

{ watching the carousal going round and round...}

I just wish that Frankie could appreciate that, "absolutely NO touching" really means, "it took the chef weeks and weeks of work just to make the design happen. If you touch it and break it, I'll have no choice but to light your beloved Thomas the Train on fire."
But since I can't and didn't say that (really, I didn't), we had to leave earlier than Grace and I would have wanted.
I actually carried a screaming crying Frankie out of the hotel side door.
The door man was only too happy to help me open the door.

By now it had stopped snowing, so the driveway and its eight inches of snow was patiently waiting for me.
Changed into snow blowing clothes and out I went.
It took me one hour, 43 minutes.
So much better than the five hours it took me the last time I did the driveway.
It really helps when you only have to blow the snow once instead of blowing it twice...
Live and learn.
On a side note, it only takes Frank about an hour to do the driveway and it always looks so pretty and tidy.
This time I did get the charts and diagrams AND the 5-10 minute on-site walk thru as to the best ways and patterns to go about snow blowing... I really do love that man and all his crazy.

We had an easy dinner and read one of our new Christmas books, The Christmas Magic by Lauren Thompson.
This book was lovely.
One of my new favorites.
Beautifully illistrated and such a simple story about Santa and magic.
No talk of elves or being naughty and nice.
The message was about magic and love and giving.
Very refreshing.

Tomorrow: sledding.
And baking something...
Kids choice.

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