Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teacher Christmas Gifts.

This year I really wanted to keep things simple and give a gift that I would like to receive. That's the whole point, right?!
Grace's teacher is a very organized lady who runs a well oiled machine powered by crazy five year olds.
I started with one of those craft organizer boxes.
I actually found this one in the fishing aisle at Walmart.
It was around $2.
Then I just started filling up all the little compartments with cute office/desk supplies and other things that could prove useful.

Top Row:
Hand sanitizer, Burt's Bees Hand Salve and individual Extra Strength Tylenol, magnetic clips.
Middle Row:
Cute binder clips, cute paper clips, m&m's (she tells the kids the m&m's are her vitamins!)
Bottom Row:
More magnetic clips, more m&m's, dry erase mini pens with magnets and little sticky notes.

I used the lid as a template to cut scrap-booking paper as an insert.
The sparkly letters are from the Martha Stewart section at Michaels.
Then on the inside I cut one more small piece and had Grace add her touch in her most tidy printing.
Grace's teacher is a BIG Yankee's fan, hence the navy, silver and white m&m's.
I am super happy with how this turned out.
Cute, different and useful.

For the rest of her lovely teachers (her music teacher, gym teacher and librarian), I planted one paper white bulb in a mason jar and tied baker's twine around the top.
We are going to add hand written notes to each jar.
I planted these bulbs a couple weeks ago, hoping they would be just how they are; green and well established but un-bloomed.
This way, her teachers can have something green and growing to take home with them.
I mean, who really needs another coffee cup, right?

I also packaged up some Costco bought peppermint bark to go with the bulbs.
A little bit of sweet is lovely.
Frankie's preschool teachers are getting a mason jar bulb and a bag of bark.
Easy. And all very inexpensive.

On a side note, I forgot to share these little guys with you the other day...
I LOVE them so.
Little elves made out of cast iron.
They hold tapered candles.
I just love that they are slightly dark...
It's as though they are a reminder that Santa is INDEED watching and you COULD end up with a lump of coal...
I bought these at the end of the season last year from CB2.
They don't come in black anymore, but you can find them here in RED...

Today is the last day of school for the year.
We have Frankie's Holiday show in the morning.
And Grace's first ever annual Kindergarten Sing-a-long in the afternoon.
The Queen of the Processed Meats requested Pigs in a Blanket and chocolate crinkle cookies.
I made Peppermint Bark Brownies for Frankie's show.
Wait until you see those.

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