Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Lunch and Homemade Advent Calendar.

December first.
The long awaited beginning of Hershey Kisses in the morning.
We fill up our stocking calendar with one kiss each and they love it.
I have no problem bending our sweets rules at Christmas time.
A little indulging is fine by me.

I made this a couple years ago.
This is a new spot for it, since it's former home (swaged over the big kitchen window) got upgraded with beautiful stained glass stars this year.
I rather like it here.

In other December first news...
It's been awhile since I showed you a Grace lunch.
This was her lunch today.
Ham and cheese gingerbread man with chocolate chip eyes, cheese smile and ham buttons.
Raspberries and christmas themed fruit snacks.
(these are so cute, from Target)

ps. it's really cold here today...
It was two degrees when I took Grace to school this morning.
Please think warm thoughts for us!

1 comment:

  1. Love the advent calendar! What a great idea!
    The lunch as always is absolutely adorable! All of the other kids at school must feel so not loved in comparision to Grace. :)



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