Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Around the House.

This year, I weeded out my Christmas decorations and added some new, totally different lovelies.
I am really loving all the mercury glass that's everywhere right now and the colors in vintage ornaments just look perfect with it.

I tracked down some vintage ball ornaments and decorations and simply filled glass containers I already had in order to display them.

This is one of the two tinsel wreaths and wax paper flowers I made.
I love it!
Grace saw it one day when she came home from school.
She gasped and then said, "Oh Mommy, it's so beautiful and shiny."

These are some of the stained glass stars I have hanging in our kitchen window.
There are five total;
two of the bigger stars and three smaller stars.
I love how they are mostly clear.

These ornaments were tiny, tiny, but they look so cute here.
I have paper whites all over the house, growing...
It's lovely to have all the green.
I can't wait to see (and smell!!!) their blooms.

And of course, the tree.
All a-glow.
I never turn the lights off.
I love to walk out into the otherwise dark living room in the morning and see it.
It makes the darkness outside more bearable.

Just four more school days until Christmas break!
I'm looking forward to it.
We will have Frank home for a whole week.
If you're not finished with your shopping,
hurry up and then enter into your cookie/cocoa coma!
I know we will.

UPDATE: this is where I learned how to make the wax paper flowers. And this is where I learned to make the tinsel wreath. Ez has so many lovelies to share over there.
The stained glass stars are from this etsy shop. The box they came in was perfect. I was so happy to open it.

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  1. So I love the ornaments in the glass containers, they are gorgeous! I also love, love, the stain glass stars. Oh and I can't tell you how much I love those wax paper flowers on the great wreath you made. You must share how you did that! Happy Holidays!!!



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