Friday, November 26, 2010


Here they are.
They are not in focus.
But as I thought about how disappointed I was that I didn't have a "good" shot of them, I realized that they're just crazy kids and live their life just a bit out of focus. So, be happy that they are actually looking at the camera already. So here you are.

School was cancelled for two days this past week due to icy roads.
It has been warm and raining.
Not good.
Things were looking bleak around here.
Most of our lovely snow was gone.
I could see my driveway.
This is a welcome sight in April, but not in November.
It means I have to regularly check my gutters.
Put salt down to avoid head injuries.
Not play outside.
We got snow all night Wednesday and ALL day today.
We are back to winter.
The sled hill is up and running again and the kids are happy.
We are thankful.
For so much.

Our day was full of cooking and eating and relaxing with the people we love.

I hope yours was equally lovely.

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