Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We have snow.
Lots of snow.
A good two feet of snow.
The sled hill is in full force and the kids are loving it.

Smith, the dog, is super happy with all the snow too.

Frank and I got to take a quick trip (sans short people!) down to Seattle two weekends ago.
We had a very nice time together, walking arm in arm, eating, lurking around bookstores, sitting on the same side of the booth... It was lovely.
Then our colds that were lingering in the background stopped lingering...
We've been sick.
Luckily, the kids have been fine.

Grace and Frankie are both loving their respective schools, super happy to go everyday.
Frank is traveling a lot for work, staying very busy.
I am getting excited about Christmas.
I do believe I am done shopping for the kids!
Wow. It feels weird.
I wanted to scale back starting this year because they have so much already.
I tried to focus on just a few things they would absolutely LOVE and just stick with that.
Of course their stockings will be full a plenty, but those are things they would get regardless.
New markers, pencils, coloring books, pajamas, hair clips, little Thomas the Train cars...
Plus, I looooooove stockings.

I have some new recipes to try this season...
If they turn out good, I'll pass them along!

Sorry I've been gone so long, I'll try to get my act back together.
Hope you're all well.


  1. WOW! Your Seattle weekend sounds amazing! So happy you got to have that time together. Lord knows once you become a parent that time becomes a rarity! Good for you!
    The snow looks amazing!!!!
    I love stockings too!

  2. Oh wow! the most snow I've ever been exposed to is about 2 inches ha! nothing compared to TWO FEET! in November! stay warm! xoxo



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