Monday, October 11, 2010

Talkeetna, Alaska. Part Two.

We picked up Grace from school in the coach.
Which in itself, was thrilling for her.
All the "pick-up parents" wait in a big long loop until it's our turn to pick up our child. The earlier you get in line, the faster you get out of line. We were about half way in, which meant that Grace got to point and jump up and down and say "I told you I was getting picked up in the RV!!".

We hit the road and pulled into Talkeetna right before dark.
The RV park was all but closed, we had the place to ourselves!
We ate dinner, washed the kids up and put them to bed.
Frank and I had about twenty feet of RV bliss.

The next morning was cold and frosty.
We walked into downtown, about a 10 minute walk.

The Roadhouse was our destination.
This place is loaded with history.
Built between 1914-1917, it's been supplying Alaskans with goods and food for years.
Let me tell you, the food was so good.
So good.
Nothing was super different or unusual, it was just good, normal food.
And the coffee.... Ahhhh, the coffee.
It was tasty.
Five or six cups worth tasty.
In our defense, the cups were on the smallish side... so good.

That was all that was on the small side.
Everything else was enormous.
There was a toy area that the kids happily played in while Frank and I had our fill of cinnamon rolls the size of our heads and coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Then we went to this amazing park.
Where we stayed for easily three-four hours.
What else were we going to do?
We took some pictures of Mt. McKinley, messed around with the dog... Vacation type stuff.

We later parked the RV and walked to a local burger place.
Excellent burgers.
After walking back, the kids were spent.

Sunday morning, we hit the Roadhouse again.
It would be just silly not to.
We totally eavesdropped about this cool beach "at the end of town".
(about fifty feet from the restaurant...)
So we hit the beach, where Smith ate some rotten salmon.
A lot of the leaves and ground was frozen hard.

After a return trip to the awesome park,
we HAD to stop at a grocery store to get Smith some Milk bones.
It was high times for Smith that morning;
he must have had about 25 Milk bones.

The weekend was very relaxing and restful.
It was great to get out of town before the snow really hits.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Love the picture with you and Grace...absolutely beautiful!



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