Monday, October 4, 2010

My Little Man.

Today is a big day for us.
And by us, I mean Frankie.
This marks the first day for preschool for my Frankie boy.

A spot became available at our preschool and I jumped on it.
For the past couple of weeks, he has been very vocal about wanting to go and is preschool still full... He wants to be big like Grace, to talk to his teachers, to spend his "milk money" and show his "boys" stuff.
Always "my boys".
I think this is beyond cute.
I hope he has such a great fun day today.

On the flip side of this, another BIG milestone for my kids and our family, are my own personal thoughts and feelings.
Yesterday I really started to think about how I am going to fill my two hours and 45 minutes, twice a week now.
At first I was thrilled. Wow. Time all to myself.
I've been waiting YEARS for this.
I actually thought I had another year until I got here.
However, now that it is here, happening today, I couldn't help but start to think,
what if?
What if the novelty of no kids wears off and I become slightly lost without them...
I think I am going to miss them.
Please think good thoughts for all of us today!

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  1. As I read your thoughts and musings, I contemplate my own thoughts on just such an occasion. Crossroads are always thought-provoking, but remember one thing...always think about "taking the road less traveled"...I assure you, it DOES make a difference! I'm so proud of the choices you've made so far, and all the things you've accomplished! Always keep dreaming



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