Monday, October 25, 2010

Future Olympians.

The kids recently finished their first session (seven weeks, once a week) of ice skating. I am happy to say that they LOVE it. Love it.
Grace had been asking for an ice skating dress, so since she finished her first session, past the level and was moved up to the second level, and continues to gain interest in it every week, I said yes. I found a great MAGENTA outfit with sparkles on it from ebay. She loves it.
They both got patches for passing level one and I sewed them on to Frankie's coat and to Grace's outfit. They are both so proud to show off their EARNED patches.

This video is of just Grace before she got all her new loot.

Over the weekend, we went to Champions Choice, a local skate shop (where Frank used to beg for hockey stuff when he was a kid!) to look for skates for me and proper, thicker skating tights for Grace. We got the tights and more comfy skates for Frank and a kid size hockey stick for Frankie. Grace had a stick picked out for herself too, but decided (on her OWN) to put it back. She said she would rather only do figure skating because that's what she really wanted to do and that she wanted to learn how to twirl. How great is that???! I love that she made a choice to have less so she could concentrated on what she really wanted.

I'm sure it will come to no surprise that these skates are on her Christmas wish list. Right now she's skating with hockey skates, but from what I've been learning, if she wants to pursue figure skating, it's better for her to be learning in figure skates. So much to learn...
Plus they're pink... Shocking, right?!
Maybe she'll get lucky this Christmas... (*wink*)

Here's a video of both the kids.
I'm so happy they both are enjoying this.


  1. So cool that they are both learning to ice skate! I love Grace waving her arms about when she is skating, like she is already a professional! Love it!

  2. The graceful arms say it all! I can just tell that in her mind she is performing beyond belief! It's amazing what she takes in from watching the "big girls" skating, jumping, twirling, etc. while she is practicing to stay controlled! Wonderful!



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