Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleeping Lady.

The other morning, Frankie and I were having some quiet I-just-woke-up cuddle time and this was our view. The clouds had cleared around Mt. Susitna, aka Sleeping Lady.
I think you can really see how she got her name in these pictures.

The sun was just coming up and the colors were so pretty.
About five minutes after I took these pictures, the clouds moved back in and she was completely gone from sight.

Things around here are going really great.
Grace is loving school
Everyday, she comes home with a new little reader.
I read it to her and the she reads it to me.
Then we do a worksheet related to what we just read.
She eats this stuff up and she's really focused.
Then on Friday's, she has some math homework.
It's all very doable and easy, but it's teaching her about having homework and I'm trying to set up good "homework study habits".
Like not waiting until the morning to do it.
(Like we did TWICE last week. Ahhhhh!)

Now when she comes home, she has a quick little snack,
then we sit together at the bar and work on homework.

Another thing that's new this week, is I'm using the drop off area instead of walking her in.
She loves to be like the big kids.
Everyday, she gets out of the car, puts on her backpack and takes off running to her line.
She never looks back.

Today was foggy, so she said she probably shouldn't run because she couldn't see so good.
She said she would stick to a fast walk.

Frankie is doing great, however he wants to go to school too.
I have put him on the wait list for our preschool.
I hope a spot opens up for him.
I think he would enjoy going to school now.
Until then, he's happy with library trips with me and doing all things trains.

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! I can't believe this is the view from your house!

    So glad to hear things are going so well!



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