Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ride the Tram in Girdwood, Alaska.

Labor Day came and my new friend, Tiffany and I decided we wanted to do something super fun with the kids. She has a three and a five year old too! Oh, and while we were off having fun with the short people, the husbands were off fishing! Win for everybody!

Ever since we moved here, I've wanted to ride the tram up at Alyeska (our local ski resort) in the summer time.

After only three summers, I'm finally doing it!
The experience did not disappoint.
We packed a lunch and ate in the sun.
The day was perfect. Perfect, I tell you.

Blue sky, fall foliage everywhere, warm sun on our faces...
After such a soggy summer, it was a welcome change.

Here's shot looking down at the hotel and where we started.

Chair One, built in 1977.

I love this shot of all the kids looking out.

Frankie, being is usual goofball self.

That is until he fell down on the grate floor and cut his hands open.
Then he spent the rest of the day walking around with his hands up.

I loved how the clouds were at this moment, all in one smooth line across the valley.

It didn't last long.

This guy had just jumped off the side of the mountain.
It was a perfect day for craziness.

We had a great day.
I highly recommend the tram.

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