Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lunch Notes Love.

So I'm loving packing lunches for Grace. Love it.
I'm like a nut case at the grocery store now, looking at everything, thinking,
"how can I make this super cute???"
Of course on the first day, I slipped a note in her lunch.
She even remembered to acknowledge it when I picked her up!
Then I did it again on the second day.
And the third day.
And then on the fourth day, she drew a picture for her "note" and just had me "write a little something"... Nice of her, wasn't it?! Crazy kid.

I'm so excited to surprise her with one of these cuties tomorrow.

Go here to get them for yourself!


  1. I absolutely think that these are a very clever little idea...I'm glad that you're having so much fun with the whole lunch concept...I agree, you may just be a "nut case".

  2. I love it! Love these notes, and love that you are loving packing her lunch! Makes me look forward to being able to do the same thing for Ty!!!



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