Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last weekend, I had the rare treat of going out to lunch (and shopping!) with a girlfriend.
Frank stayed home with the kids.

While I was out, he bought them this.

Frankie would ride this thing all day long.
He wakes up saying he wants to go out and ride the little 4wheeler.

I am amazed how good he is at driving it.
He's already pulling the wide-tight-wide corners, putting on the gas as he comes out of the turns (sometimes lifting the two inside wheels off the ground... Ugh.)

I am also amazed how BAD Grace is at driving it.
You tell her to put the brake on, she jams the gas.
Fortunately, she has no desire to drive it.
She's very happy riding on the back with Frankie.

Frank has already mowed down part of the property for the kids to drive "off-road".
He has big plans on making a track.

I wish they didn't look so sticking cute on it.
Or so happy...


  1. It's always so nice to watch from afar, the "2nd time around". Sometimes, I feel like I'm kinda living my life all over again....lololol. I'm just glad that you know where this is all heading, Kariane

  2. OMG! I guess you'll think twice about going out to lunch again. Just kidding. This is great. A little frightening, but that is what the helmets are for. So cool of Frank to want to build them a track! Love it!



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