Friday, August 13, 2010


Smith loves to chew on sticks.
I know there's all kinds of things on the internet and in books that say it's BAD for the dog but whatever, he's a DOG. So, let him eat sticks. Plus, there are sticks EVERYWHERE here. I would lose my mind trying to keep him away for all things sticks.
Man, half the parks we go to are equipped with mulched up sticks.

We are just about at five whole LONG weeks with Smith.
I've had one pretty major meltdown (tears and all) and a couple angry Must-Give-Myself-a-Timeout episodes. But I have those with the kids too, so I guess it goes with the territory.

In a way, this is a great time for me to have a puppy.
I'm still so deep in raising up small people, that a puppy falls seamlessly into the mix.
I am already VERY accustomed to cleaning up "messes". If it's not Smith's lack of bladder control, it's Frankie's. Or sometimes even Grace's! I am used to the CONSTANT "that's not your's, THIS gross, previously slobbered on toy is yours" and the never ending quest to find a toy/activity that will hold attention for longer than five minutes.


He is a good dog.
Overall, very calm, happy to be with the family, playful puppy.
I am happier everyday that we have him.
I take him with us just about everywhere.
He is starting to fall asleep with the kids at night.
The other night he slept on Frankie's chest.

He's always happy to see the kids.
Maybe not Frankie's HUGE, LOUD dump truck, but he loves the kids.
And that is my biggest motivator.

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