Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Museum of Transportation.

We made a trip out to Wasilla so we could check out the Museum of Transportation.
It was actually more interesting than I thought it was going to be.
Most of the "exhibits" were outside in the yard, so it was pretty much a free for all.

You were allowed to get on/sit in just about everything.
Old trains, boats, cars, trucks, tractors, snow equipment; if it moves, it was there.

Frankie saying, "Let's going in there", where the trains were, of course.
This is a great picture of Frankie because it shows him using his signature middle figure to point with.
I have no idea how he picked this up.
Frank says it just makes sense because it is the longest finger...

Love these old motors.

This summer has been full of cold, wet, cloudy, rainy days.
Actually, it's the wettest July recorded.
But the whole morning and early afternoon was lovely for our museum day.
Sunny with a slight breeze.
(Then it clouded up and started raining.)
We took a picnic lunch and sat outside after our tour.
We even brought Smith, the dog.
It was pretty great.


  1. This place looks amazing! Rob would love it. Definitly on our to do list for when we make it up to visit you (one of these days)!
    Also, love that picture of grace running, very artistic!
    Lastly, is it me, or is Frankie a giant...he looks SO tall!

  2. Frankie is a big kid, always has been. He's been off the growth charts for as long as I can remember.

    This place is neat. We can definitely go here!



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