Friday, August 27, 2010

More Kindergarten News.

I'm sure it will come of no suprise that Grace loves school.
Loves it.

Her second day, she already knew just what to do.
Hang up her backpack and coat.
Put her Moose Folder in the folder cubby.
Put her lunch box on the cart.
Switch her I'm Here! tag.
Post what kind lunch she has (hot or cold) and that she's buying milk.
Finally, she picked up her morning worksheet and started walking to her table, the Green Rectangles, when I had to call her back for a hug and kiss goodbye.
She's doing great.

When I picked her that day, I told her that the boys had gone 4 wheeler and we were going to have a Girl's Day; her choice, anything she wanted to do. She thought and they said (excitedly) that she wanted to go to the library so she could do her homework.
The library??!
Then in the car, she was so upset because her "homework" consisted of a paper bag that she was to fill with three things that described her.
"No writing, no coloring, no cutting", she was so upset.
My little nerd.

Yesterday she asked me to take her school early.
She is loving it.

1 comment:

  1. I still can't believe she started school. She is the cutest kindergartner ever!
    Love that she wanted to do her homework right away. I wonder if she will feel the same way on her first day of 9th grade?



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