Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Growing From the Garden.

So far, I have grown excellent radishes.
And six heads of Romaine lettuce.
And about one good size serving of broccoli.

End of list.
Did I mention the radishes?

The raspberries are coming.
Although with all the rain we've been having,
I'm really going to have stay on them and pick them as soon as they're ripe, or else...

The kids LOVE helping me.
We check on the garden beds everyday and they are in charge of picking the radishes.
Grace is in charge of picking the parsley.
She looks so stinking cute when she goes out to get some.
She carries a little container and her little safety scissors and cuts away.
She does a great job.

When I send Frankie out to pick something, he usually forgets what he's sent for,
but he always comes back with "pretty flowers, for you mommy. You love to put them on the table? You love it?".

He always says that now.
"You love it?"

Yes, Frankie. I love it.

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