Friday, August 27, 2010

More Kindergarten News.

I'm sure it will come of no suprise that Grace loves school.
Loves it.

Her second day, she already knew just what to do.
Hang up her backpack and coat.
Put her Moose Folder in the folder cubby.
Put her lunch box on the cart.
Switch her I'm Here! tag.
Post what kind lunch she has (hot or cold) and that she's buying milk.
Finally, she picked up her morning worksheet and started walking to her table, the Green Rectangles, when I had to call her back for a hug and kiss goodbye.
She's doing great.

When I picked her that day, I told her that the boys had gone 4 wheeler and we were going to have a Girl's Day; her choice, anything she wanted to do. She thought and they said (excitedly) that she wanted to go to the library so she could do her homework.
The library??!
Then in the car, she was so upset because her "homework" consisted of a paper bag that she was to fill with three things that described her.
"No writing, no coloring, no cutting", she was so upset.
My little nerd.

Yesterday she asked me to take her school early.
She is loving it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School.

Big day today.
I'm packing a pink Disney princess lunch box with the predetermined lunch:
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Small Container of Peaches
Milk Money
and Fig Newtons.

Done and done.

Check back later for the classic Back-to-School pictures.

Right now, it feels unreal that VERY SOON I'll be dropping Grace off at school...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last weekend, I had the rare treat of going out to lunch (and shopping!) with a girlfriend.
Frank stayed home with the kids.

While I was out, he bought them this.

Frankie would ride this thing all day long.
He wakes up saying he wants to go out and ride the little 4wheeler.

I am amazed how good he is at driving it.
He's already pulling the wide-tight-wide corners, putting on the gas as he comes out of the turns (sometimes lifting the two inside wheels off the ground... Ugh.)

I am also amazed how BAD Grace is at driving it.
You tell her to put the brake on, she jams the gas.
Fortunately, she has no desire to drive it.
She's very happy riding on the back with Frankie.

Frank has already mowed down part of the property for the kids to drive "off-road".
He has big plans on making a track.

I wish they didn't look so sticking cute on it.
Or so happy...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boys, Bikes and Dogs.

For their birthdays, each of the kids got bikes.

Frankie has gotten really good at riding his.
I bet if we were brave enough, it wouldn't take him long to 86 the training wheels.

But for now, we will continue on.
He's already so banged up, I can't imagine how scrappy he'd look if we added in all the extra falls that comes with learning to ride a bike...

Growing From the Garden.

So far, I have grown excellent radishes.
And six heads of Romaine lettuce.
And about one good size serving of broccoli.

End of list.
Did I mention the radishes?

The raspberries are coming.
Although with all the rain we've been having,
I'm really going to have stay on them and pick them as soon as they're ripe, or else...

The kids LOVE helping me.
We check on the garden beds everyday and they are in charge of picking the radishes.
Grace is in charge of picking the parsley.
She looks so stinking cute when she goes out to get some.
She carries a little container and her little safety scissors and cuts away.
She does a great job.

When I send Frankie out to pick something, he usually forgets what he's sent for,
but he always comes back with "pretty flowers, for you mommy. You love to put them on the table? You love it?".

He always says that now.
"You love it?"

Yes, Frankie. I love it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scooter Grace.

One of Grace's preschool friends, Ellen, outgrew her three wheel scooter and kindly gave it to Grace!

Although she was a little timid riding it (more like walking it), she has since found her confidence and LOVES it.

Just about everyday she says, "I'm going out to enjoy nature and ride my scooter".

Go, Grace, Go!

Anchorage Breaking Rainy Day Records.

This was taken from yesterday's ADN's article.

"Anchorage tied its record Friday for most consecutive days with at least a trace of rainfall, according to the National Weather Service.

As of 4 p.m., the service had recorded .02 inches at its station in Sand Lake -- enough to tally the 27th consecutive day with at least a trace of precipitation, said forecaster Neil Murakami. That ties the record set in 1951, according to the weather service.

The summer has been one of the coldest, gloomiest and wettest on record for Southcentral Alaska because of a persistent low-pressure system that has been stagnant over the Bering Sea since early June, according to the service.

According to weather service numbers, the period from June 1 through Aug. 11 this year had an average high of 62 degrees, the 10th lowest on record. The normal high for the period is 64.3 degrees.

The weather service recorded 5.98 inches of rain in Anchorage between June 1 and Aug. 11, ranking the period as the sixth-wettest on record. Anchorage normally gets 3.54 inches of rain in that period; the record is 7.89 inches in 1958.

Read more:

It rained this morning too.
28 days of rain.
In a row.
But... it's partly cloudy and I can see blue sky right now.
I'll take it!
It makes me want to run outside and start BBQing.

What can I grill for breakfast...?

Friday, August 13, 2010


Smith loves to chew on sticks.
I know there's all kinds of things on the internet and in books that say it's BAD for the dog but whatever, he's a DOG. So, let him eat sticks. Plus, there are sticks EVERYWHERE here. I would lose my mind trying to keep him away for all things sticks.
Man, half the parks we go to are equipped with mulched up sticks.

We are just about at five whole LONG weeks with Smith.
I've had one pretty major meltdown (tears and all) and a couple angry Must-Give-Myself-a-Timeout episodes. But I have those with the kids too, so I guess it goes with the territory.

In a way, this is a great time for me to have a puppy.
I'm still so deep in raising up small people, that a puppy falls seamlessly into the mix.
I am already VERY accustomed to cleaning up "messes". If it's not Smith's lack of bladder control, it's Frankie's. Or sometimes even Grace's! I am used to the CONSTANT "that's not your's, THIS gross, previously slobbered on toy is yours" and the never ending quest to find a toy/activity that will hold attention for longer than five minutes.


He is a good dog.
Overall, very calm, happy to be with the family, playful puppy.
I am happier everyday that we have him.
I take him with us just about everywhere.
He is starting to fall asleep with the kids at night.
The other night he slept on Frankie's chest.

He's always happy to see the kids.
Maybe not Frankie's HUGE, LOUD dump truck, but he loves the kids.
And that is my biggest motivator.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coconut m&m's.

Do you love m&m's?
Do you love coconut?

Go buy these!
So good.
Like a little vacation in every bite!

Excuse me, I'm going to the gym...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Frankie's Black Eye and a Bit More.

Here you can see his black eye. How did that happen?
He fell down on the tile. Face planted on the tile.

Big things are happening around here.
School is starting.
Last week, we got Grace all signed up for KINDERGARTEN.
At registration we finally got THE LIST.
We took THE LIST and headed straight for Target.
She picked out glue, crayons, pencils, scissors, tissues (a pink box, of course) and headphones (again, also pink). When we got home, we also added a box of zip lock bags and a painting shirt.
This bag is loaded.
She loves to spread out all her school loot and look at it, then re-organize it back into her ginormous backpack.

Yes, two weeks from today, Grace is going to school.
It's full day kindergarten.
I'm not nervous.
I'm not sad.
I can't stand that I'm not going to know what's going on for such a HUGE chunk of her day.
I am going to have to rely on her re-telling capabilities, which are not always accurate...

I plan on spending these last couple weeks on having fun and getting our act together.
No more are the days to be spent messing around in our pjs until 10a.
We must get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and get on with our day.
Then at night, we will have dinner at a normal time, bath, story and in bed by 8p!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Museum of Transportation.

We made a trip out to Wasilla so we could check out the Museum of Transportation.
It was actually more interesting than I thought it was going to be.
Most of the "exhibits" were outside in the yard, so it was pretty much a free for all.

You were allowed to get on/sit in just about everything.
Old trains, boats, cars, trucks, tractors, snow equipment; if it moves, it was there.

Frankie saying, "Let's going in there", where the trains were, of course.
This is a great picture of Frankie because it shows him using his signature middle figure to point with.
I have no idea how he picked this up.
Frank says it just makes sense because it is the longest finger...

Love these old motors.

This summer has been full of cold, wet, cloudy, rainy days.
Actually, it's the wettest July recorded.
But the whole morning and early afternoon was lovely for our museum day.
Sunny with a slight breeze.
(Then it clouded up and started raining.)
We took a picnic lunch and sat outside after our tour.
We even brought Smith, the dog.
It was pretty great.


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