Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clothes for Dolly.

Grace got this doll this past Christmas.
I thought she was going to love her, be together forever.
But she sat, naked, every since that Christmas afternoon.

Why naked you ask?
Well my mom had casually mentioned that she could maybe, possibly make Dolly (of course, that's what the doll's name would be...) some additional clothes. Someday.

Grace NEVER forgot that. Dolly has been waiting (in the bottom of the toy box) for a long time.
Occasionally, I would ask Grace why she didn't want to play with Dolly.

Me: Grace, why don't you want to play with your doll?
Grace: Because Nana is making her a nightgown. She needs her nightgown.
Really, how could I argue?

Nana finally delivered the promised goods.
At last Dolly is dressed and is being played with. Everyday.

There is even a matching nightgown for Grace.
It's pink. With ruffles. And bows.

1 comment:

  1. The nightgown and matching one for Dolly is adorable. Nanna did great!



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