Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brown Boots.

One night while making my picking up rounds, I thought this pile of boots was so cool looking.

When we went to Homedale, ID for Christmas in 2008, all of our luggage, outside of the car seats, were held hostage in Seattle. For ease and comfort, I had the kids in their Crocs. Fine for the airplane, but unacceptable daily shoes for December in Idaho. After waiting a day or two (I don't totally remember how long it was), Alaska Airlines granted us some spending $$$ to get by. As it turned out, it was FRANK who went shopping for replacements; yes, you read that right, Frank went shopping. He found these boots, made by Ariat. They are riding boots. They are a big splurge for us. (Luckily, my mom can get them at a bit of a discount from their feed store. As I'm writing this, I'm wondering who I am, feed store...? Whaaa?) But they are so worth it. I believe in kid clothes to be on the cheap. I mean, they grow so fast and Frankie just gets so dirty... But their feet should be taken care of. As much as I hate spending big money on shoes, I do it. These boots are so great. Grace looks soooo cute no matter what she wears; dresses, leggings, jeans, capris, all cute. And Frankie just looks like a cowboy. Perfect.

The other boots are Frank's boots that he wears to work.
I love how they all look heaped together.

Sorry for the spotty posts;
I plan to get back in the bloging game.
I miss it.

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  1. love, love this picture! I appreciate it as much as you do, I think! good eye!



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