Monday, May 31, 2010

Swimming Lessons.

The kids have been taking swimming lessons.
Grace LOVES it;
can't wait to get her swimsuit on in the morning and hit the pool.

Frankie was excited on the first day, but had a little mishap after he got in the water, (he accidentally dunked himself) and has been a little apprehensive since.
He doesn't want to get his eyes wet.
Even in the bathtub.

So his second lesson, he wore his sunglasses.
My little Stevie Wonder.

For the level they're both at, the lessons are pretty basic.
Back float.
Front float.
Blowing bubbles.
Jumping in.
Dunking head underwater (I hope!).

This is Frankie "holding" onto the wall. He's still a little worried.

Grace waiting for her turn to jump in.
She loves it.

Frankie "jumping" in.

I thought this picture was so cute.
Grace had scouted out this mirror in the locker room on our first lesson.
She had planned on combing her own hair with her own HelloKitty! comb.
She was so thrilled there was a "big girl" doing the same thing at the same time.
Meanwhile, Frankie was being a wackadoo, running around, jumping in and out of the lockers.

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