Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Florida

So what did we do on vacation?

Nothing super exciting, although that's just the way I wanted it to be.

First, it was hot.
So hot, just the walk from the hotel to the car made me sweat.

My idea of us going sightseeing was soon abandoned due to the delicate little flowers I was toting. They got pink cheeked too quickly to spend any real amount of time outside with no way of immediate cool off.

So we went to the beach.

I had found a beach called St. Johns Pier in St. Augustine Beach that had everything we could want. Even $2 popsicles. (yes, $2 for a singular popsicle.)
There was, of course, the beach part, but there was also a splash park with a playground.


Our beach day consisted of 1-1 1/2 hours down at the beach, followed by a quick sand-rinse-off and another 2 hours or so of playing at the splash park/playground. It was great.

Everyday, Foreman Grace would enlist all the kids at the park to play one of two games she had invented.

The first was making the slide at the playground into a water slide. Her primary mark of choice was always a boy a couple years older than she was. She would explain how fantastically wonderful her plan was and then demonstrate how one goes about filling one's bucket up with water from the splash park and lugging it over to the playground, up the steps and then how to pour it down the slide. This was immediately to be followed with one shooting down the slick, now wet, plastic slide in wet nylon shorts. After each kid successfully survived the Water Shoot of Terror, they were beyond thrilled to discover such a dangerously fun activity that, up until three minutes ago, they were completely oblivious to. Thus ensuing the parade of kids with buckets full of water to the slide area.

The other game she played was much simpler. Basically, everyone fills up their buckets with water and attempts to dump it on someone.

Frankie on the other hand, was happy to go around between the two parks, looking for abandoned or forgotten sand toys.
One day he found a truck.
Oh joy of joys for Frankie.

There was the day went to Davenport Park, which hosted a completely fenced in area, totally shaded by trees, a lovely playground and an antique carousal from 1929. I bought the kids a 10-ride punch card and we rode four times the first day and two times the second day.
Both of them really loved it.

Every day involved some kind of ice cream treat.
For cooling down, of course...

We named the hotel elevator Rosie.

But I think the very most favorite part of the whole trip, Frank and I included, was our nightly walk around the grounds, Frog Hunting.

The hotel is situated in the middle of a golf course with a lake. Thus the frogs. After the temperature dropped, right around sunset, the frogs would come out. Little, tiny frogs would hop around and the kids, BOTH OF THEM, would catch them. Some nights they would hold them in their hands and others they went into the buckets. Grace was very gentle and easily picked them up. Frankie was a little less concerned. Some of Frankie's frogs didn't hop the same upon their release... We walked around, searching out as many frogs as we could carry and then made the trek back to the hotel playground and let them go. This was followed by ten minutes or so of playground playing, then off to call Rosie for bath and bed. The last two nights, we went out a little later then the previous nights, which resulting in us finding the bigger frogs. So big, that one filled Grace's little hands. She named her Mama Frog. We found Mama Frog two nights in a row. It was such a lovely and relaxing way to end our day. Frank came with us all but the first night. Since he did have to work, this was a great time for us all to be together, share our adventures and to unwind.

We all had such a nice time together.
The trip home was fine.
I was alone with the kids.
I think I made about 27 trips to the bathroom that day.
One even included holding up the plane from backing away from the gate...

This is the only picture of me from the whole trip.
The pictures that Frankie took don't count.

Now it's back to our AK summer: cold, raining and gray....
I hope the weather gets better soon, my new seeds need some sun!
Wait til you see what Frank built me!!

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