Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Still Going to be Awhile...

a glimpse into my crazy kitchen
by the way, what you can't see is that Grace is naked

So, where have we been?

Summer is funny in Alaska.
People spend six months holed up in their homes, waiting to get back outside.
Fishing, boating, yard work, gardening, playing at the park, outside house work...
Finally we can do all these things again.
Outside. This is all great. And fun and lovely. And if the sun's out, even better.

However, with all this outside fun (and work), no one is inside, cleaning the inside of the house. Or the clothes or the kids, for that matter.

It makes me feel pulled in a thousand directions.
It's a good thing we have crazy daylight in our favor or else I'd never get it all done.

We just got back last night from a fishing trip.
Lots of fun and stories to share, however, we are having company coming tomorrow and the house needs some sprucing and the boat has to be cleaned and the laundry is calling me and the garden needs weeding and the lawn needs mowing and...

I'll see you next week.


  1. I was wondering where you have been! You look great! Love the necklace you are wearing!

  2. I totally hear you on the craziness of Alaska summers! We've been outside a lot, too, and my house is a total mess. Who cares, though - I'll have all winter to clean it!

  3. Thanks, Meagan. I got it from Target. On clearance. For $2! I love it too.

    Amy, I go through two phases with the state of the house. The "who cares" attitude lasts only until I feel like I can't take it anymore, then I turn into a crazy, cleaning machine!



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